Injections, exercise promote muscle regrowth after atrophy in mice — ScienceDaily

By injecting cells that support blood vessel growth into muscles depleted by inactivity, researchers say they are able to help restore muscle mass lost as a result of immobility. The research, conducted in adult mice, involved injections of cells called pericytes (PERRY-sites), which are known to promote blood vessel growth and dilation in tissues throughout […]

Scientists 3D-print all-liquid ‘lab on a chip’ — ScienceDaily

Researchers at DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have 3D-printed an all-liquid device that, with the click of a button, can be repeatedly reconfigured on demand to serve a wide range of applications — from making battery materials to screening drug candidates. “What we demonstrated is remarkable. Our 3D-printed device can be programmed to […]

Maximizing conservation benefits — ScienceDaily

Overexploitation and population collapse pose significant threats to marine fish stocks across the globe. While certain fish populations have already collapsed, research indicates that nearly one third of fisheries worldwide are currently impacted by overharvesting. In “Meeting Yield and Conservation Objectives by Harvesting Both Juveniles and Adults,” published in The American Naturalist, Niklas L.P. Lundström, […]

The moon's orbit now and then | Science News

The lunar cycle has changed significantly since the moon formed roughly 4.5 billion years ago, as demonstrated in this simulation. On the left, a 24,000-year-old moon moves in a short, highly elliptical orbit. This oblong orbit results in a fast lunar cycle and a moon that bobs toward and away from Earth as the yellow […]

Preventing collapse after catastrophe — ScienceDaily

As the impacts of climate change escalate, ecosystems will likely undergo events that will disrupt entire populations. In marine ecosystems, anthropogenic warming has subjected organisms to elevated temperatures, oxygen loss, and acidification. The increased frequency and severity of catastrophic events may inhibit a population’s ability to recover and, in turn, may spur collapse. Mass mortality […]

Impeding white blood cells in antiphospholipid syndrome reduced blood clots — ScienceDaily

For men and women affected with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), blood thinners are the main treatment option. “Unfortunately, treatment with blood thinners does not prevent all cases of blood clotting in APS,” says Jason Knight, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor of rheumatology at Michigan Medicine. APS is an autoimmune condition characterized by blood clots in both […]

Why Sexy Is Sexy

Hank delves into the scientific reasons behind why we are attracted to the people we’re attracted to. It’s complicated. Like SciShow on Facebook: Follow SciShow on Twitter: Sources:

Dentists can be the first line of defense against domestic violence — ScienceDaily

The University of Arizona College of Medicine — Phoenix and Midwestern University have published an article to bring to light the important role dentists can play in identifying domestic violence victims. Published April 11 in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, the article reports that as much as 75 percent of head and neck […]

Left or right handed biomolecules — ScienceDaily

Many biomolecules come in two versions that are each other’s mirror image, like a left and a right hand. Cells generally use the left-hand version of amino acids to produce proteins, and uptake mechanisms were thought to share this preference. University of Groningen scientists have now shown that a prokaryotic transport protein can transport both […]

Tiny galaxy harbors huge black hole | Science News

How did a tiny galaxy end up with 15 percent of its mass stored in one black hole? This simulation shows one possibility: the tiny galaxy was once larger but slowly shredded by a giant neighboring galaxy. With each close encounter, the battered galaxy, known as M60-UCD1, lost some stars. After half a billion years, […]