Prince Harry’s friend vows to turn Yarmouth into the San Tropez of the UK

Mr Spooner was once a business partner of Guy Pelly, a childhood friend of Duke of Sussex and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge. Mr Pelly is also the godfather of the Duke of Cambridge’s son, Louis.

He revealed that he is friendly with many members of the Royal Family, including Fergie and her ex-husband Prince Andrew – who used to babysit him when he was six.

“He was a really really nice chap. When I proposed to my second wife in Verbier we bumped into Andrew and Fergie and the girls, and we were laughing and joking about how he was my babysitter.

“He would literally come in and help himself to my father’s beer. We didn’t know who he was to the next person, we were just told he was Prince Andrew. He was really nice. He read us the occasional story.”

Mr Spooner revealed that Pelly introduced him to the Duke of Sussex when the business partners opened the Public nightclub in Chelsea together.   “I would honestly say he was probably our best customer,” he said. “We had really fun times. I was just divorced, Pelly was single and Harry was single and it was just a lot of fun – a lot of skiing and a lot of partying.”

Mr Spooner owns The Clapham Grand in south west London and has run a string of nightclubs across the capital – a far cry from The George, for which he has secured a three-year lease.

“I wanted a beach club in San Tropez or something like that and I’ve toyed with that and dabbled with that over the last 10 to 15 years, but I decided that, actually, on our doorstep is treasure,” he said.

“I looked at it and thought ‘this has got it’.”


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