Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Speech on “SNL” | E! News

Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Speech on

The rapper performs live on the “Saturday Night Live” season premiere. What did Kanye say after the NBC show ended that has people talking? See unaired footage, courtesy of Chris Rock!

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Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Speech on “SNL” | E! News



    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    orange man bad

    Robert Caraher

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Do not listen to Kayne ,we should not annul any amendments we insist as a people ,as Franklin said you must defend and protect your rights especially to search and seizure ,the most important right as a free people ,which we have allowed to be tweaked for lack of a better word. Now Kayne is tLking rag time for if it is as he says ,reality conscripted , then let them blather on our duty is to STAND FOR THAT BILL OF RIGHTS , for if it is at all changed your reality will change . On our land each and every person in the world must be treated as us with the same exact rights . For if there not, your rights will be so utterly obfuscated that you won't see them dissipating. And all of Ben's dire predictions will come true especially the one about keeping our republic.


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Some boos, lol even in the clip y'all showed you can hear a whooo and a few claps, think i heard a whistle too.

    the title is misleading, ment to look like kanye got all booos for his support for trump, but fact is he got few of everything, boos, claps, a whooo, and one person said we love you kanye.

    Junior Simon

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Actually he aint allowed to even smile..due to selling his soul…supposedly..but Kiki do u love me…by drake was made due to Drake beating Kims guts;)


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kanye wants slavery again. He’s as bad as Trump.


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kanye, your a great rapper and an icon for your generation. Stay off the booze and drugs, then think through this whole Trump thing.

    Anita Luca

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    2 words to Kanye West … sunken place.

    Johnny Doe

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kanye needs to get back on his bipolar pills……for real

    The watchmans eyes

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    I never heard anyone boo. I only heard like 3 people which probably made up the entire audience clap

    R C

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kanye has been known to say and do stupid things this shouldn’t b surprising

    no name

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kriss kroll footage not Chris rock. Kroll said "oh my god"….

    14kg Writer

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Smart black man

    Phil Saggitarius *A

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    simpsons did it.

    Mike Motor

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Conway west is the 21rst century kunta Kintey from roots and sailor twift is the new margaret sanger


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    2 people booed, 2 people said they love him. But sure, Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump speech.

    Your Neighbour

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Why are they attacking him for having his own thoughts? He is black doesn't mean he signed up to be your propaganda piece.

    Luke Atkins

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    @Ekkie101 Musically, Kanye West is undoubtedly a genius, and in my personal opinion it more or less invalidates your argument if you say he has no talent. He started out as a producer and beatmaker (not rapping)—and he was universally considered to be one of the best in the entire industry at it. He only started rapping later on in his career because he wanted to make his own music. And once he started making his own music, he was an instant pioneer. He was the first (and remains the only) person in human history both to attempt to blend elements of rap, rock, classical, jazz, electronic, house, r&b, and even ambient all into the same songs—and he did it quite well too. He is one of the primary catalysts that has pushed artists to not box their creativity within a certain "genre," and he has opened so many doors for music. And Kanye's audience is not “stupid people” ; stupid people want music that is simple, gratifying, and doesn't require an attention span (i.e. most of the pop and rap that you hear on the radio).

    The people who listen to Kanye are actually the smart ones, the technical ones, the critics. For example, his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (widely considered by critics to be one of the best albums of this century) is one of only 11 albums to ever get a perfect 10.0 rating on Pitchfork. On Metacritic, it is considered via aggregate score to be one of the top 10 greatest albums of all time. And it’s not just critics. Legendary musicians too. Everybody from Paul McCartney to Michael Jackson to Lou Reed to Elton John to Prince to even Bruce Springsteen have referred to him as a musical genius and his albums as masterpieces. So again, although I too agree that he is not a genius in any other sense of the word (certainly not intelligent), he is a musical genius.

    Candee Jordan

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Doesn't this uncle tom have enough money to just disappear. 👎

    Abram Vemable

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Lost soul.

    Lunky Straydog

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    SNL hate trump well duh !

    Mouse Cake

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Uncle Ruckus!

    Hell Fire

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    You notice how evil and sick liberals are?? They can have a opinion but republicans can’t have one, haahaha wow evil satanic followers are these libtards! You will suffer all you liberals! Notice how they want to make our life’s difficult and with pain! They have to have their way but we can’t do that! Sick sick sick evil liberals

    T St

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Freedom of speech We Americans have payed with our Blood for it Kanye has balls of Steel wakeup Black people


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    insert comment about being stupid

    huckle berry

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    New York and cali are failed states. They live outside the constitution and hide behind unjust laws and police protection.


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Group think is dangerous. So is daily life for billions of people. Why?

    Space Duck

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    It's almost like as soon as we say something different, we get booed and called race traitors or whatever. Geeze


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Seriously, why is this guy a thing?


    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Hyper liberal SNL audience. Not shocking.

    However he’s rights. U shouldn’t bully people for their political beliefs. Too much extremism going on today.

    Li Raven

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Freedom to say..
    Freedom to get booed..
    Needs more bleach.

    Mike Harris

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Americans are garbage people.

    Gerardo Rodriguez

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Is understandable that kanye supports TRUMP! he's a clown🤡 just like him he married a hoe that everyone in Hollywood has had a piece of. He talks crazy on his concerts 🤪 just like the president. He should've been the vice president🤔 Republicans are a joke 🤣

    Mr.Rogers Play House

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)


    mauriano baruso

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    No booze only clapping
    Stop trying to make Trump supporters look bad

    Dustin Townsend

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    I personally like Trump and I am definitely a Conservative, but I would never want the 13th amendment abolished.

    Teresa Young

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    I would have laughed and booed the loudest.

    j goshchuk

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    The audience was probably paid to do so..we can't trust mainstream shows like this

    mike conley

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Kantye is a moron desperate for attention.

    Todd T

    (December 8, 2018 - 2:54 am)

    Of course he was booed because SNL are liberal twits. Lol

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