MP raises safety concerns at Tata steelworks after two are injured in blast

An MP has raised safety concerns at the Tata steelworks in Port Talbot, the largest of its kind in Britain, after two people were injured in an explosion. Stephen Kinnock, Labour representative for Aberavon, has urged Tata Steel to conduct a full review following the blast in the early hours of Friday morning. The two […]

10 Dumbest Criminals Caught on Tape

Hey Youtube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Anyone who likes stories of True Crime looks to them for a dark curiosity of all things menacing. From criminals with no regard for others, sociopaths, analytical and strategic murderers, we watch these crimes with fear. Sometimes, however, we find criminals that just didn’t have it in them. […]

Which two of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham will finish in top four?

Injuries Harry Kane is out for the season with an ankle injury, while there are doubts over whether Serge Aurier or Erik Lamela (both hamstring) will be seen again this term. Moussa Sissoko is expected back from a groin strain next week, and Harry Winks could return from a groin problem against West Ham on Saturday.  […]

“Falling Man:” The Story Behind The Infamous 9/11 Photo

It’s one of the most iconic moments caught on film from 9/11, but little is known about its tragic subject. Richard DrewThe iconic photograph of the “Falling Man.” At 8:46 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, a Boeing 767 aircraft hit the facade of the north tower of the World Trade Center. 16 minutes later, another […]

The Badass Egyptologist Who Found King Tut’s Tomb

In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter made the discovery of a lifetime, but it was also the decades he spent excavating in Egypt that changed the field — and the world — forever. Wikimedia CommonsHoward Carter looking upon the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun. The glorious golden treasures found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb changed our understanding on […]

6,000 non-smokers die of lung cancer every year, warn Public Health England 

Thousands of non-smokers are dying from lung cancer every year because of air pollution and other carcinogens,  experts at Public Health England have warned. Some 6,000 people who have never smoked die in Britain annually from the disease, a larger number than are killed by cervical and ovarian cancer combined. Yet because lung cancer is still […]

Magic Mushrooms Could Be Legal For Anxiety And Depression By 2021

Recent studies have shown how psilocybin has been highly beneficial to end-of-life patients or those who suffer from depression and PTSD. Johns Hopkins Psychedelic ResearchA psilocybin therapy session conducted at Johns Hopkins University. Advocates for psilocybin as an effective method for the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder have made huge strides in recent […]

New CTE research raises possibility of diagnosing the disease in living people

New research into chronic traumatic encephalopathy – a type of dementia associated with contact sports – has further raised the possibility of the disease being diagnosed in living people. CTE can only currently be diagnosed in post-mortem but a study by the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, in partnership with Kansas […]